partner-logo-ineos INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH owns the largest petrochemical site of INEOS, one of the leading world scale chemical companies. Its manufacturing units produce key raw materials for other INEOS businesses and for external customers. The European business is also a leading European polyolefins producer, with a full range of HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE and PP products. Beyond INEOS in Köln, INEOS operates three other petrochemical sites in Grangemouth – Scotland, Lavera – France, and Rafnes – Norway.

INEOS Köln GmbH benefits from economics of scale and close proximity to both feedstock and customers as well as from the high integration with the different plants for derivatives, such as ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, acrylonitriles and others. The highly integrated site at Cologne is focused on the achievement of high reliability, quality and cost leadership. One of the outstanding properties of the petrochemical site is the strong integration of both the production units and the energy network; e.g. central power stations provide steam and electrical power for all production units. The optimization of those energy networks is a future challenge for the company.

Role in the Project

Industrial Applications Coordinator. Development of REIs linking input material quality, the different off gases and the production volumes to gain an insight into the efficiency for different operational strategies and different feeds. Providing application and demonstration cases. Lead of WPs 2 and 5.