partner-logo-lenzingThe Lenzing Group is a world market leader with headquarter in Austria and production sites in all major markets as well as a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality man-made cellulose fibres and is the leading supplier in many business to business markets. The portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp to standard and speciality cellulose fibres and engineering services. Lenzing quality and innovative strength sets global standards for man-made cellulose fibres. The Lenzing Group is the only company worldwide that combines the manufacturing of all three man-made cellulose fibre generations on a large industrial scale under one roof – from the classic viscose to modal and lyocell (Tencel). The success of the Lenzing Group is based on a unique combination of consistent customer orientation together with its leadership in innovation, technology and quality. Our successful specialization strategy and an outstanding cost position are the basis for our economic strength. Lenzing is committed to the principle of sustainable operation and very high environmental standards.

Role in the Project

Industrial partner, end-user. Contribution to the development of the indicators and tools. Provides application and demonstration cases. Development of innovative decision support with academic partners.