partner-logo-mspactS•PACT is a PAT solution provider (Process Analytical Technology) for process industries and scientific research institutions, with a focus in optical online spectroscopy. S•PACT sells system solutions that combine spectroscopic instrumentation and sensors with data analysis software and the required analytical services like modelling, calibration, user trainings etc.
S•PACT was founded as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University in 2010 and exploits data analysis technology and spectroscopic expertise built up at RWTH since 2000 and earlier. S•PACT’s analysis software PEAXACT uses the proprietary Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM) method, making this an attractive USP to customers.
Though independent of instrument manufacturers, close collaborations and joint customer projects link S•PACT e.g. to Bruker Optics, Kaiser Optical Systems and tec 5.

From its academic history, the S•PACT staff is well experienced in European research activities.

Role in the Project

S•PACT takes the responsibility for method selection, system calibration and implementation to achieve online prediction of key process parameters for the Industrial Case Studies, e.g. stream composition, product properties etc. These serve as an input into real-time indicator calculation.