partner-logo-dortmundTU Dortmund is a leading German technically oriented research university. The Process Dynamics and Operations Group is part of the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering which is one of the largest departments in Europe in this area. The highly interdisciplinary group comprises researchers from Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The research of the group is in the area of development and application of advanced control and optimization techniques to industrial processes, logic controller design and batch plant scheduling. Advanced control and optimization techniques have been applied to several pilot and industrial plants. The group was strongly involved in the FP7 Integrated Project F3 (Fast Flexible Future Factory), leading the work on the operation and control of flexible production units. It coordinated the FP7 STREP Multiform on the integration of tools and modelling formalisms for complex heterogeneous systems. In the STREP EMBOCON, the group contributes to applying advanced optimization to complex plants with uncertain dynamics. Several former members of the group now have leading positions in the chemical industry with responsibilities for plant management and advanced control, or in companies supplying to the process industries.

Role in the Project

Since the group is experienced in the fields of modelling, control and optimization, the main task in MORE will be to take the lead of WP 3 – Decision Support. This work package aims at developing methods and algorithms for real-time decision support of operators and managers. In addition, contributions to the development of suitable resource efficiency indicators (REIs) in WP 1, to model-based estimation of process parameters (WP 2) and to implementations and demonstration of the project results at the industrial sites (WP 5) will be made.