In March 2016, Prof. Sebastian Engell (TU Dortmund), Scientific Leader of the MORE Project and Consortium Member Benedikt Beisheim (INEOS in Köln) participated in the ener.CON Europe conference in Berlin.

The conference addressed energy intensive industries in Europe from refineries through chemical industries to manufacturers. Benedikt Beisheim and Sebastian Engell moderated a round-table that discussed the question: “Do today’s EnPIs enable decision makers to evaluate and improve daily energy efficiency?” In the round-table, the MORE partners illustrated the problems of the current evaluation and optimization techniques and presented the solutions developed by the MORE project.

The discussion focused on innovative indicators to evaluate process performance regardless of the current market conditions and on the need of meaningful baselines that account for non-influenceable factors like ambient weather conditions or plant loads. The discussion confirmed the need for advanced resource efficiency evaluation and optimization techniques, which are the main contributions of the MORE project.