Public project deliverables:

 D1.1 Set of promising resource-efficiency indicators that can be used in daily operations in the process industries for further screening
 D1.2 Set of real-time resource efficiency indicators for continuously operated integrated plants
 D1.3 Set of real-time resource efficiency indicators for batch processing plants
 D1.4 Visualisation concept for multi-dimensional resource efficiency indicators
 D1.5 Description of generally applicable and sector specific indicators for the process industries, with two feasibility studies
 D1.6 Final report on real-time resource efficiency indicators for batch and continuous processing
 D2.1 Report on the selection of analytical methods for the calculation of REI for a petrochemical site
 D2.2 Report on the selection of the analytical methods for the REI calculation for chemical plants based on renewable feedstock
 D2.5 Report on algorithms for data reconciliation including dynamic situations and gross error detection
 D3.1 Tool for what-if analysis
D3.2 Tool for real-time multi-criteria resource efficiency optimization
 D3.5 Tool for tracking of resource efficiency for batch processing and root cause analysis
 D4.1 Requirement specification for the integrated deployment platform
 D5.1 Document describing the choice of the demonstration cases
 D5.2 Report of conclusions about the use of REIs and the DSS to improve efficiency in the selected sites
 D6.1 MORE communication strategy and communication tools
 D6.3 First Report on Stakeholder Panel
D6.6 Step-by-step guidebook on “How to succeed in the identification and implementation of real-time or near real-time REIs for your plant or industrial sector”
D6.7 Impact assessment
D6.8 Second Report on Stakeholder Panel
D6.11 Public Synthesis
D7.4 Project Final Report and Publishable Summary