MORE is a R&D project with a duration of 3 years that aims at the reduction of the environmental footprint of large industrial processes by resource-aware operation.

The background :

Resource-efficiency and life-cycle inventory indicators are frequently used to assess the environmental impact of industrial production. Such indicators up to now have been used only in retrospect, averaging the performance over long periods of time, e.g. a year. The daily operational decisions in the plants influence these indicators, but this connection up to now was not transparent because resource efficiency was not measured over short periods of time.

The objective :

The goal of MORE is to monitor resource efficiency during daily operations of large production plants and to influence the operational decisions such that the plant efficiency is optimized and the environmental footprint is constantly minimized.

Towards reaching this goal, indicators will be defined that provide meaningful information about the resource efficiency over short periods of time like hours or days, and new analytical measurements to provide the necessary data will be screened and tested. Based on the new indicators, decision support for the operating staff will be developed to guide the decisions towards higher resource efficiency.

The methods :

The results will be validated in four industrial sites, a refinery, a petrochemical complex, a chemical plant that processes renewable feedstock, and a plant that produces cellulose from wood. The implementation will be done by means of an independent flexible integration platform that will be developed within MORE. From the experiences gained in the application cases, the impact of the technology on the European process industry will be assessed.