The calculation of resource efficiency indicators in real-time allows plant operators and managers to detect inefficient production steps during plant operation. The operator or the manager then has the possibility to intervene and prevent a further loss of resources and waste of energy or negative environmental impacts. Thereby, measures to improve resource efficiency will be cause-driven and corporate sustainability goals, such as the reduction of greenhouse gases, can be reached faster. An analysis of the real-time indicators over longer periods of time, e.g. considering aggregated monthly indicators will trigger medium-term operational or structural improvements of the plants and their resource efficiency (see Figure below)

Schematic of use of rei different time scales

 Schematic of the use of resource efficiency indicators on different time scales

The following four typical types of large integrated production sites and their challenges for resource efficiency monitoring  are considered as case studies and demonstration facilities in the project:

Case 1: Demonstration at a Refinery

Case 2: Demonstration at an Integrated Petrochemical Plant
(INEOS in Köln)

Case 3: Demonstration at an Integrated Plant based on Renewable Feedstock
(BASF PCN GmbH in Düsseldorf)

Case 4: Demonstration in a Cellulose Plant
(Lenzing AG)